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Our services

Specialist Dry Cleaning

We combine quality, integrity and expertise together with the latest technology to provide a reliable and trusted dry cleaning experience for you and your loved clothes.


We use the most appropriate cleaning process for the fabric of the garment to ensure we provide a first-class finish.


Every garment is inspected prior to cleaning and stains treated. Buttons and/or extra trim may be removed in order to protect them from the cleaning process and then replaced afterwards to ensure that your garments are protected from damage, yet returned in perfect condition.

We also provide a specialised service for other garments such suede,leather, fur, wedding dresses and more.


Contact us today on 020 3612 1572 or email us at

Our Services

In addition to traditional dry cleaning we offer a full range of garment care services, including:

  • Repairs - new zips, patches, re-hems etc.

  • Alterations - shorten, lengthen, take-in, let-out etc.

  • Hand washing for those delicate items.

  • Laundry - duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, table cloths and towels.

  • Shirts - cleaned, pressed and returned on hangers or folded for travel packing.

  • Bridal gowns, evening and theatrical wear.

  • Suede and leather cleaning carried out at a specialist unit.

  • Wax garments - cleaned and re-waxed.

  • Household – curtains, rugs, chair covers and cushion covers cleaned.

  • Duvets and pillows laundered.

  • Pillows - brand new casing can be made and stuffed using your original down/feather interiors.

  • Curtains, drapes and blinds taken down, cleaned and re-hung.

  • Curtains can also be repaired, altered, lined and blacked out to your specification.

  • Carpet cleaning machines are also available to hire.

Shirt cleaning

We believe that we provide the best shirt service in London. All shirts are hand finished in house to ensure that they are totally creaseless and presented to you on a hanger or folded depending on your preference.


We offer a range of repairs, alterations and restyling options to prolong the life of your clothes. Our experienced in-house tailoress is available to assist you and a changing booth is located on site for your convenience. 

Rug cleaning

Regular cleaning of rugs can extend their life by removing stains engrained within their piles. We specialise in cleaning all types of Persian and Oriental rugs

Bed Linen service

Nothing beats the feeling of getting into bed enveloped in fresh laundered sheets.

Our first class service will deliver that luxury feeling.


All items are inspected and washed with gentle detergents and finished to our extremely high standards before being folded and packed for you.

We're also able to offer a duvet and pillow cleaning service. Once inspected and cleaned duvets and pillows are packaged into a special complementary duvet bag that enable you to store them in the best condition in between use.

Got a question or need some advice? Just call us on

020 3612 1572 or send us a message and we'll be in

touch very soon.

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