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Specialist services

Suede, Leather & Fur cleaning

The cleaning of suede, leather and fur are skilled  crafts and we use our very own specialists in these fields to clean and restore your items. Post cleaning, emphasis is placed on restoring the item to its original condition,  re-oiling and re-texturing the item as necessary.


We suggest never storing these items in plastic bags or in damp conditions or near direct sunlight so that that the item doesn’t deteriorate.

Suede and leather protectors should be used and offer additional protection against soiling and staining of the material. These can be purchased in store.


Wax Jacket cleaning

When a wax jacket/coat becomes dirty, stains remains on the top layer of the material. During this specialist cleaning process, the wax coating of this top layer is removed and after cleaning wax is reapplied and particular attention is paid to the seam areas to prevent water seepage.

We recommend cleaning and re-waxing your jackets/coats annually.

Wedding Dress cleaning

A wedding dress is perhaps the most emotional item that can be owned and as such we are dedicated to offer a exceptional service when cleaning such a valued item.

The dress will be inspected for stains and damage prior to cleaning and stains will be treated by hand. The dress will be inspected again after cleaning to ensure that the high quality that we expect has been achieved. Once cleaned the dress is returned to you on a hanger or can be boxed within tissue paper for an additional charge.

Tips for wedding dress care

Aim to clean your wedding dress as soon as possible after your wedding to ensure the removal of any stains is successful. To prolong the life of the dress always dry clean the dress prior to storage. Avoid removing cleaning labels as these guide us the dry cleaner with important care information.


Some beads and embellishments are not suitable for the dry-cleaning process and any reputable cleaner will test or advise on this prior to cleaning. Finally, do not store the dress in the dry-cleaning plastic and store it away from direct sunlight and damp so that the fabric is not degraded in any way 

Curtain cleaning & repairs

We are renowned for our superb curtain cleaning and repairs service. Our fitters will come to your house or place of work and remove your curtains. After the cleaning and pressing process our fitters will return to correctly re-hang your curtains


The dry-cleaning process is effective in removing both dust and allergens from your curtains; thus prolonging their life. As well as offering a repair and alterations service we can add or replace lining and blackout materials if necessary and are happy to provide estimations for these services.

Rug cleaning

Regular cleaning of rugs can extend their life by removing engrained stains. 

We specialise in cleaning all Persian and Oriental rugs.

Shoe and Bag repairs

We offer shoe and bag repairs performed by one of London’s top shoe and bag repair companies. Over the years we and our clients have been thrilled when their favourite items have been lovingly restored back to their former glory.

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